Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bad Baby

Sorry about that, but it has been almost a year since I updated this blog. Unfortunalty, not allot has happened in that year regarding my life in diapers.

The real baby in the house takes priority, and once he started to crawl and then walk, our life has really been going in high gear. It has been such a joy to watch him turn into a little person in front of our eyes.

But that is not why you are reading this blog, so I will get back on subject.

Lately I have only been able to wear diapers a couple times a month. Which is a big change from the full time I was a year ago. Although with the Texas heat right now, it is not as bad as it could be. My wife is fine with me wearing all I want, but she has had very little interest in taking part, and for some reason I don't like to wear around her if she is not at least taking a passive roll in my diaper play.

Last night was a bit of fun, however. This is "Tax Free Weekend" in Texas, and I needed some new jeans. Old ones were wearing out and I have been getting a bit thick in the middle if you know what I mean. (Which is another reason why I have not been wearing as much). Mary knew that one of the reasons was the tightness of the jeans, so she had me wear diapers to the store so we could make sure the new jeans fit well.

Umm, that means I have to TRY THEM ON, in the store with a diaper on. It took awhile to find a style that fit right, which meant my pants were on and off several times. One time I was in a dressing room where the door did not latch right and someone started to walk in on me. My pants were completely off when they opened the door, but I pushed back and they did not see anything (as far as I know).

Fortunately it was a busy night so there was enough background noise to cover up the crinkle of my diapers.

Maybe I can wear more again. I will try to keep you posted
Baby Timmie

Thursday, August 18, 2005

One week later

Well, I have honestly and truly been in diapers 24/7 for a whole week now. Apart from changes and showers I have been diapered for a solid week. Messing in public is still humiliating as ever. The other night I was in Frys doing some shopping when I thought I had to fart. Well thank god I did have a diaper on, because I just started filling it up. I finished my shopping and got home as quick as I could. But I had REALLY filled it up by the time I left the store and had to stew in my very wet and messy diaper all the way home.

My wife has been having me nurse about every other day so far. It is actually kind of hard work, but then again, She is using the breast pump to get milk for the baby first, so there is not as much for the taking by the time she has me latch on. On most nights I am suckling her for about 30 minutes followed by me going down on her pussy as well as using fingers and toys to bring her to orgasms. I personally have not been allowed to cum for a full week now, but tonight should see the end of that.

I have been informed that tonight I will be taken out of diapers for awhile and allowed to make love to my wife.

I have to perform for her twice.
Cool. But it has been awhile since I was able to pull that off.

I will be using my mouth, fingers and toys to keep her going inbetween sessions.
That is cool and should help with the recovery.

There will be no stop down for refreshing or cleaning between sessions.
GULP? umm that means...
Yes. I will be made to lick up and play in the mess I leave in her cunny after my first orgasms.
"Timmie is going to be Mommies little cum slut."
Did I really ask for this?

Each night this week she has been teasing me, and playing with my nipples and cock, but not allowing me to cum but brining my right to the edge while talking about what will be going on tonight.

I will let you know how things go. Wish me luck


Saturday, August 13, 2005

A new start

On Aug. 10 my wife and I signed a new contract that will keep me in diapers nearly full time until Jan 1, 2006.

It also gives her alot of control over me, and the right to punish me if I misbehave at all.

I am to be in my diapers 24/7 for the rest of the year except on days when I give her a 'diaper free day' coupon. And I only get 8 of these a month. Other than that it is diapers full time, all the time. If I am ever caught not in my diapers I will be punished, and I have to turn over one coupon a month for the rest of the contract.

When I am in diapers I am expected to use my diapers for everything, therefore, the potty is strictly off limits unless I am cleaning up a messy diaper. And I have to have permission to change my diapers. The only exceptions are when I am at work and if she is out of town, then I can freely change myself.
I have to present myself for inspection (to see that I am still in diapers and if I am in need of changing) whenever she wants, regardless of the time or place.

She is now incontroll of me sexually too. I am not allowed to initiate sex with her, but must be ready, able and willing whenever she wants to make love. And when we make love it is her orgasm that counts, not mine, so if I cum first, I am obligated to make sure that she soon follows. I have been informed that I may be required to use my mouth and fingers on her to bring her off. What is the big deal with that? I love eating pussy and fingering my wife to orgasm. The thing is I have only once eaten her and fingered her pussy when it was filled with my spunk. Did I mention before that I, quite embarrassingly, have a bit of a problem with premature ejaculation so I almost always cum before she does. That is unless I spend a whole lot of time on foreplay and make her cum before I even enter her.

"Pubic hair is a privilege, not a right" my wife says. "A privilege that premature ejaculating little boys that cant keep there pants clean and dry do not deserve." therefore I must shave my diaper area baby smooth at least twice a week. On October 1 I loose all body hair from armpits to toes. Yikes! At least she waited until pool season is over.

I am allowed to masturbate, but there are restrictions on that.
First, I must have her permission to do so.
Second, I must be in a diaper and must not touch my penis directly, but only through the diaper.
Third, I must strip down to just my diaper before I begin.

My wife is still breastfeeding our 6 month old son. She has also just started to breast feed me.
I am required to nurse at her breast whenever she says, for as long as she says. Immediately, without exception. She has had me do this every night since we signed the contract. She has also had me finger her pussy while I suckle at her breast.

This should be a fun ride, and although I am making several sacrifices, I am really looking forward to life under the new contract. And just think, I didn't even mention the butt plug and strap-on training I will be undertaking as well.

Well, I am wet now, I think I will ask 'Mommy' if I can get a clean diaper.


Sunday, September 19, 2004

The most embarassing thing about wearing diapers is what you do in them, and messing is far more embarassing than wetting.

The most humilating thing that has happend to me in diapers is when I had a bit of a load in them while shopping one day. I was standing in the check out like and this lady with a small child (maybe 8 years old) end up standing behind me.
All of a suden the little kid says in a very loud voice, right at me, "you smell bad." then he turns to his mother and says "Mommy, that man smells bad."

Fortuanatly I was next in line and got out of there pretty quick. I never did say anthing to the kid or his mom.

Another time I was at a fast food resturant with my wife. She had me in diapers that day. We had been out doing some shopping and stopped off for a quick bite to eat on our way home.
I was already wet by the time we got to the resturant (is a fast food place really a resturant?) but I was not messy.
While standing in line to order, I thought I had to fart, so I just relaxed and let it go, but it was far more than a fart and all of a sudden I had a bit of a bluge in the back of my diaper.
I pinced off as soon as I realized what was going on, so I didn't fill up my diaper.
We ordered our food and went to sit down. we were in a quite part of the resturant and there were no people around us.
Shortly after we sat down to eat, "Mommy" looked at me and said, "Did you mess your diapers?" just like that. plain as day in the resturant. I sank into my seat and didn't say anything.
"Well? Did you mess your diaper?" a little louder this time.
I very sheepishly said 'yes.'
"Yes what?"
"Yes I did mess my diapers."
"Oh Timmie," she said as she shook her head and then finished her meal.

"Mommy" won't change my messy diapers, but she makes me tell her if I am messy and to ask for permission to change myself. again, when I am wet it is no big deal, but I am always ashamed when I have to tell her I am messy.
On the days that I don't wear diapers she will check my pants to see if I have left any stains in them.

Messing my diapers is a great thirll some of the time, but the clean up is always a chore. but all and all, In the grand scheem of being a baby, I think it is worth it.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

The story so far

These days everyone is blogging, so I figure why not me.
I am a fairly normal guy, 35, married, got a job and a house, and I like to wear disposable diapers too.
I have always been fascinated with diapers, even as a very young boy. I remember finding some of my old diapers when I was about 4 years old. I still remembered what they were and put one of them on. It was great fun. I even wet!
from that day on I was hooked.
31 years later and I am still in diapers.
Yes my wife knows, and is starting to get into it too. As of August 1, 2004, I am required to wear diapers nearly full time. (I am given 10 "diaper free day" tokens a month. Once they are gone it is diapers for the rest of the month!)
I have to ask permission to be changed and I have to keep my 'diaper area' baby smooth at all times.
I love my diapers and have never been happier, but I am starting to develop a bit of a diaper rash.
Baby Timmie

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Wow, I am finally blogging

So I have never really done this before but I figured it would be a good way to express myself and all the crazy ideas I have that run around in my head from time to time.

I am new to all this so be nice to me, okay.